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Gift Cards / Certificates

Retail Value:  $199.00

1 month unlimited membership gift certificate

Retail Value:  $29.99

1 month gift certificate

Retail Value:  $60.00

Certificate for 6 guests to tour QVC.

Retail Value:  $30.00

1 car to drive through the 2018 Holiday Light Show

Retail value:  $20

2 complimentary admissions


$24.95 Gift Card

Glittery Glam Express Certificate


Retail Value:  $35.00 each ticket

2 Two-Day Tickets to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY


 Special Services offered to VFBA students/families, as well as VFBT families



Retail Value:  $80


Retail Value:  $120


Retail Value:  $80


Retail Value:  $35