Home of the Patriots

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the school year start?  We generally start the last full week of August and end the Friday before Memorial Day.


Do the students wear uniforms?  Yes, the students are required to purchase their uniforms through Flynn & O’Hara.  We do also have  used uniforms available.


How do I pay my school bill?  You can either pay in full with a check or pay in 10 monthly payments.


Are scholarships available?  Yes, for those who qualify, scholarships are available


Why must we be a member of churches of like faith in order to put our child in the school?  Our school is an extension of the home and church. We are not interested in becoming the biggest Christian school in the area, rather we are interested in helping parents raise godly children who love and serve the Lord.


What colleges do the students attend?  Most of our students attend Christian colleges such as Pensacola Christian College, West Coast Baptist College, and Bob Jones University.


How long has Valley Forge Baptist Academy been around?  We started in 1991


What makes Valley Forge Baptist Academy unique?  Our academy is a discipleship ministry of our church.  Our goal is to grow each child spiritually, emotionally and academically.  One way that we do this is through Christian service.  All of our jr. and sr. high students are required to complete Christian service throughout the year.  We also require that the students attend our church.  We cannot aid parents in raising godly children if the student does not come faithfully to church.


How do the VFBA students compare academically with other students? 

Using the current Stanford Achievement Scores, our students in every grade consistently scored high average to above average against the national norm.