Home of the Patriots

Faculty & Staff




Lois Rall, Administrator

Pensacola Christian College, 1985

B. S. Elementary Education minor in History, 2 years at Clinton Christian School,

4 years at Lower Bucks Christian School, 25 years at VFBA.


Todd Comstock, High School Principal

Tennessee Temple University 2002,

BS in Math Education, 5 years at VFBA.


Elementary Staff:

K-4   Terri Shaw, Bob Jones University & Radford University, 18 years experience,

8 years Clinton Christian School, 2 years Lower Bucks Christian School, 2 years Penn Christian Academy, 7 years VFBA.


K5   Jackie Wendal, Baptist Bible College Springfield,1981, BS in Christian Education, minor in Drama, 4 years at Fairfax Baptist Temple Academy, 22 years at VFBA.


1st Grade   Shauna Hamm, graduate of VFBA 2008, West Coast Baptist College, 2012, B.A. in Elementary Education, 3 years at VFBA.


2nd Grade   Becky Ohman, Northland Baptist College,1993, BS in Elementary Education; West Coast Baptist College, 2005, MA in Christian Education, 16 years at Koolau  Baptist Academy, 6 years at VFBA.


3rd Grade   Michele Livergood, Pensacola Christian College, 2012, B.S. studied Elementary Education, 1 year at Faith Baptist Christian Academy, 3 years at VFBA.


4th Grade   Jane Bryson, Gordon College, 1970, B.A. in Elementary Education; West Chester University, 1976, MEd in Elementary Education, 5-1/2 years at Lower Salford Elem., Harleysville (Souderton Area Schools),1-1/2 years at Chapel Christian Academy, Limerick;  many years of home-school and assisting home-school families; 6  years at VFBA.


5th Grade  George Corbin, Citadel Bible College, 1982, B.R.E. in Bible and Elementary Education, 24 years at Chapel Christian Academy,  9 years at VFBA.


6th Grade  Carol Cobb, East Carolina University, 1983, B.A. History, minor in Political Science, 15 years at VFBA.


Piano/Elementary Music Teacher  Flossie Philips, Bob Jones University, 2012, BMus in Piano Pedagogy, 4 years at VFBA.

High School Staff:

Science/Math Teacher   Mike Tojos, Pensacola Christian College, 2008, B.S. Electrical Engineering; Pensacola Theological Seminary, 2009, M.A. Bible Exposition, 5 years at VFBA.


Bible/History Teacher  Kristen Baker,  graduate of VFBA 2007, West Coast Baptist College, 2010, B.R.E in Secondary Education, 5 years at VFBA.


History/English Teacher  Mike Van Kirk, Pensacola Christian College, 2014, B.S. Secondary Education History, 2 years at VFBA.  

Science/Math Teacher  Vicki Meyers, Delaware Valley College, 1993, B.S. in Science-Agronomy and Environmental Science; University of Pennsylvania, 2000, Masters of Liberal Arts-Environmental Studies, 8 years at VFBA.

Science/Math Teacher  Deborah Bilboe, Bloomsburg University, 1982, B.S. in Biology, 17 years at VFBA.


Bible/Math Teacher Sue White, Pensacola Christian College,1993, B.A. in Elementary Education, 8 years at VFBA, taught at Bay City Baptist School in Green Bay, WI for two years.

Music/Speech/Bible Teacher  Melissa Baker, FaithWay Baptist College, Eastern Michigan University, 1979, B.S. Music Education; Pensacola Christian College, 1984, M.A. Sacred Music, 5 years at VFBA.

Band/Choir/Bible/Middle School Soccer Coach Dan Wall, Pensacola Christian College, 2003, B.A. Music Ministries, 10 years teaching in Virginia and North Carolina, first year at VFBA.

English/Strings/Piano Teacher  Sarah Wall, Pensacola Christian College, 2002, Violin Proficiency/English minor; 2004 Master of Education/Violin Performance, 4 years at Pensacola Christian Academy, 1 year at Faith Baptist School, Fredericksburg, VA; 9 years at Greenville Chirstian Academy, Greenville, NC; first year at VFBA.

Art/Gym/English Teacher Kendra Eifert, Pensacola Christian College, 2016, B.S. Secondary English Education, Alumnus of Valley Forge Baptist Academy, first year teaching at VFBA.

Tutoring Specialist  Karen Melchior, East Stroudsburg College, 1984, B.S. in Early Childhood Development & Elementary Education; Masters of Education  in Reading, 1 year teaching at Boyertown School District, 9 years at Perkiomen Valley School District, 9 years at VFBA.