Home of the Patriots



The students use ABEKA materials to learn about letters.  They begin with the alphabet including recognizing the letters, writing them, reading the letters, blending the letters, reading words, reading sentences and finally reading stories.  They also learn their numbers to 100, both recognizing and writing them. They add and subtract numbers, learn to tell time including the hour, half past, quarter past and quarter of. They learn to count coins including nickels, dimes, and quarters. They learn to count by 5ís and 10ís and before and after numbers.  In social studies they learn about different countries, community helpers and America. In science they learn about the five senses, health and safety, the weather, the seasons, seeds, animals and the seashore. In Bible they learn about creation, Adam, Cain, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Jesus. They also learn about salvation, the first Thanksgiving and the first Christmas. They learn about missionaries as well. They memorize Scripture and learn Bible songs. Kindergarteners have chapel twice a week, gym class and go the school library.  They enjoy field trips during the year and end the year with a program and graduation which includes diplomas and caps and gowns.


Our elementary classes use a mixture of ABEKA and Bob Jones University curriculum. For our language skills we use primarily ABEKA and for our math and sciences we primarily use Bob Jones University.

Junior and Senior High School:

Our core courses include: Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Unders, Physics, Speech, Math for Today, Office, Keyboarding, Health, American Government, American Republic, American History, World Geography, Bible, English, Biology, Earth Science, Physical World, Basic Math, Geometry, Pre Algebra, Algebra I & II, Calculus, Spanish I, II, & III, Advanced Chemistry, Economics, World History, Life Science, and AP English.

Our elective courses include: Choir, Bell Choir, Woodshop, Media & Yearbook, Teaching Internship, Art I, II, & III, Kitchen Internship, and Athletic Internship